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Violet Monroe has been getting by on her good looks for too long. Long red hair, sexy body with tight curves, and a cute, girl-next-door look in her eye means that she has never had to do an honest day`s work in her life. She bounces from job to job, barely doing anything for her employer except being eye candy. Well, Jack Hammer isn`t paying her to be a hot piece of ass floating around his shop. If she isn`t going to clean the shop, she is going to have to earn her place her in other ways. Girls like Violet earn their keep in rough rope bondage. Hogties, suspensions, spread eagle and more Violet is flexible and Jack is going to make her prove it. It won`t be all bad. She`ll get the opportunity to cum more than once. In fact, once he has her deep into subspace, Violet will barely be able to stop herself from getting off. Some girls might quit their job after the kind of treatment she is getting today. Violet may start working for free.

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