Abigail had been at it all nig

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Abigail Dupree
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Abigail had been at it all night long giving it her all as usual. She had over 100 people in her room steadily all night but was not seeing the tips rolling in by any means. This can be a common thing for her as she finds it hard to be driven by the tips at all in order to be her unique self. She took a moment to talk with her Master off camera feeling slightly defeated. If there is anything that makes her cringe, it`s the thought of begging or even politely asking for a small token of monetary appreciation for her many extreme talents she joyfully displays to the public. This time it was an order. Master James told her exactly what she was to do and her task was to go back on live cam, and ask for a tip before she did even the slightest task for her many admiring viewers. She felt immediate dread and fear rising in her belly. She quickly stuffed away her but Masters and grabbed her brand new box of pink golf balls and marched into her room with determination that she pulled from her M

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