Bird In A Cage

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Bondage Hardcore Humiliation Male Domination Punishment Slave Girl Submission

Filthy slave doesnt deserve any space to move, a tiny cage is more than enough room on this earth for her to occupy. Seeing her squirm suspended in her cage when being spanked needs further punishment, tying her legs with rope to the cage should suffice. Her pussy has yet to be stimulated, a vibrator will test the acoustics as she moans and screams into orgasm. Time to spread her skinny body with rope from all four and show her dominance. The whip is the preferred tool to bring out the red in her skin. Moving on to full suspension, her feet no longer need to touch the ground, nowhere to go but to stay and endure the pain. She now sits in a special chair with hands behind her back where she cant turn or move in any way when her tits are whipped. Putting a ballgag in her mouth will dampen and muffle her screams as she orgasms again.

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