Newbie Skylar Snow Endures And Indulges

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Skylar Snow
Small Hands
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Introducing Skylar Snow, a brand new strawberry-blonde busty babe here for the first time on The Training of O and here at Kink. Com. Skylar Snow is not here to pretend for the camera, shes here to endure a very real kinky BDSM experience. Shed like to be a sex slave, find her limits and completely submit to James Mogul with the help of Small Hands and his big cock. We start with Skylar standing naked in high heels with her mouth gagged, hands bound above her head, and her legs tied together with rope around a vibrator smashed against her pussy. Small Hands applies nipple clamps to Skylars big natural tits and we dont hear a peep from her so he hangs three weights to the clamps chain and still nothing. James then begins flogging Skylars beautiful big ass and sweaty back, delivering great thuds that arent reciprocated with any screams, whimpers, or thank-yous. James tells Skylar shes too damn quiet and its a weakness of hers that theyll soon work on. Skylar tells James that hell have to

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