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Javier Lovetongue
Maitresse Madeline Marlowe
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Its very simple, pay up. I know its hard for you to understand that you arent purchasing anything - you get NOTHING. If youre lucky you end up a toy for my sadistic amusement. You think that hard dick of yours is a prize for me! Please. Ill strap it on your face and fuck myself to orgasm as you watch my asshole quivering an inch from your face. You know whats funny! Youll pay me more. We will 69 where I bite your dick and you sniff my sweaty asshole and PAY ME MORE. My cunt will drip and Ill wipe it on Andrew Jacksons face because that is one guy that knows how to please me. Ill strip you of your ego, while counting my dollar bills and invade your asshole with my strap-on cock and I count more. In the end you wont know what happened but dont worry darling youll be back and hopefully you will leave a better man because of it.

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