Held Accountable

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Lily Lane
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At INSEX we pay our debts. Lily Lane was hired as our accountant pay our bills. She couldnt even do that correctly. When OT checks the books he finds that several affiliates havent been paid in a timely manner. Its a good thing Lily is pretty. OT finds a new way for her to be of use. As he strips her of her clothes and dignity she apologizes and pleads for forgiveness. Its not so easy. Now that hes seen whats under her skirt hes not about to let her get away without having a little fun. She needs to be punished for her transgressions and OT is going to enjoy every second of it. Stuck in stocks Lily has her legs spread wide. A bit gag holds her mouth open and the drool flows freely. OT wants to make her face as hideous as her soul. He puts a dental gag in her mouth to open her face up and then wraps her head. Shes now just a face hole.

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