Kept Kel Part 1

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Kel Bowie
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Everyone knows that INSEX keeps a few of its more intense subjects to fulfill certain day to day tasks. Kel Bowie is one such subject. From inside her little crate she recruits other unsuspecting victims. She helps maintain the clothing supplies that INSEX puts its girls in. It can be a lonely task and Kel gets really horny. Its been months since her last scene so she requests that OT give her a good one. OT is more than happy to give her what she wants. Kel loves being whipped so OT goes to town on her back. Kel moans with excitement. Kel is put through her paces. Shes made to hold herself up while shes whipped with the dragon tongue. Then its time for Kel to spread her legs. OT gets out the little binder clips and gives Kel one of the most intense orgasms hes ever seen.

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