Dazed And Cumfused

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Jesse Dean
Kate Kennedy
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Poor Kate Kenzi is just trying to get things cleaned up a little, bent over, with her sweet little ass up in the air, its a pretty sight to see her sweeping up. She should focus a little more on the task at hand than she does on looking good bent over though, when a surprise visit from Jesse Dean causes her to jump and smack her head! Totally dazed, shes helpless in Jesses arms as he tries to help her up. When it becomes obvious shes damn near incoherent though - well, between her tight short shorts and cute little knee socks, whats a guy to do! Jesse soon has his way with her, bandaging her sore head completely in vet wrap. Well, almost her entire head- he leaves her mouth free to please his throbbing cock. She drools helplessly as he fucks her face, smearing her makeup and dribbling down her chin. Just the throat isnt nearly enough for a kinky man like Jesse though, next, hes got her spread wide and bound on a table, her limbs totally mummified in black vet wrap and completely at his mercy. He rams into her tight pussy as she moans in dazed pleasure. What would good first aid be without some medical equipment! Jesse next has her bound backwards in a wheelchair, fucking her

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