Tears In A Bucket

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Abigail Dupree
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Master James chains and cuffs his slave Abigail Dupree to the gallows for a long session of BDSM atonement. Slave abigail is made to confess the times she has broken her slave protocol throughout her training, as Master James teases them out and applies justice by way of flogging, whipping, spanking, groping, and choking her for these transgressions. Its a slow road of pain, showcasing the early sensual connection between Master and slave, and it gets longer for the slavegirl when Master James puts a bucket over her head and unloads an airsoft gun at her for his own enjoyment. Her amplified cries echo in her own ears as Master James whips and canes out the traces of her defiance, until her body is trembling and shes in deeply submissive space. The punishment board, like slavegirl abigail, is now a blank slate. This scene shows beautiful moments of Ms-dynamic negotiation as well as depicts the hardcore impact and creative slave training from the earliest beginnings of Sensual Pain dungeon.

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