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Riley Reyes
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Riley Reyes looks like the type of actress youd find a sex tape of floating out on the internet. Thankfully shes exactly that type of girl. In fact if you look around youll find tons of videos on the internet of her getting fucked. Youll also find that she likes to get tied up and have fucked up things done to her. Riley is tied in a Hojjutsu tie. A single rope is tied from her wrist, up to her neck, then down to her other wrist and then down to her ankle. With one rope she is rendered completely helpless and at OTs mercy. Without question he takes advantage. He toys with her like a cat toys with a mouse. OT creates the mother of all tape gags. After filling Rileys mouth he wraps copious amounts of tape around her jaw sealing it shut. Then he wraps the tape around her head connecting it to the beam in front of her. He doesnt stop there. He wraps her head completely with black electrical tape.

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