Happy Halloween! Sexy Babe In A Haunted House Machine Fucked

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Alexa Raye
Machine Fucking Pornstars

Alexa Raye is walking home from her new job where she doesnt know the neighborhood. Shes scared, but mostly frustrated since she just want to be home, soaking her aching feet. When she takes a second wrong turn and ends up once again at the entrance to the local fair grounds, she decides to brave the haunted house in hopes to end up somewhere other than the circle loop shes been mixed up in for the last hour. The maze is horrifying at first, but she makes it out this time though she ends up in a mysterious sex machine museum. All the sudden her feet dont hurt as much anymore as the desire to check out the fucking power of the machines gets the best of her. She undresses for the first dong - and just as she takes her top off, she notices a GoPro is hooked up. Who cares, she thinks! The close up shot of her pussy is so clear and perfect, it feels like youre inches from her, so close you could almost lick her clit while the dong pounds out a nice, wet orgasm from Alexa. She moves on to the Robot Tongues and The Snake for a few more Os before moving into the gimp room for some leg chained fucking by The Doc. After five machines, Alexas pussy is ready for a break, but we cant ju

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