Lady Liberty Part 3

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Lorelei Lee
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At last we reach the end of Lorelei Lees powerful patriotic live session. Shes been through a lot over the course of her show. Shes had needles stuck under her toe nails, shes been bent into uncomfortable positions, shes had horrible things said to her enough to make her cry, and shes been fucked by one of the men who did all of these things to her. Her resolve is impressive. She cries but she never fully gives in to their words. Now they have one final try to break her, and theyre going to do their best. First they lock her up in metal cuffs and make her hold up heavy poles with her arms outstretched as they interrogate her and quiz her on information that an intellectual like her should know. This alone would be a difficult enough task even if there werent an electrified butt plug stuck up her ass, giving her a shock every so often or when she gives an answer that the handlers dont like. They up the ante, then, clipping a pussy clamp onto her and vibrating her clit until she is so distracted that she cant give answers anymore. Lorelei is then tied up in belt bondage with her feet up by her head as the handlers have their fun with her pussy. As they fuck her with a met

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