The Sitter

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London River
Nora Riley
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Nora Riley is just your average college girl, out to earn a buck or two taking care of people. When she comes across an ad looking for a sitter for two adults looking to relax, she thinks nothing of it and immediately follows up. Today Nora is going to learn a thing or two about why background checks are important when going to a strangers house. From the moment she arrives, the situation is clearly unusual. A woman comes to the door, aggressively introducing herself as London River, and then leads her into the living room to meet O. T. , not how the parents she works with usually behave. Then, when she gets to the room she notices the strangest thing about the whole situation: there isnt anyone to look after. When asked about it, O. T. And London readily admit that they dont have anyone for her to look after, and that they are willing to offer her 1000 to take care of them for the day instead. And for that kind of money, there is no way Nora can say no. The work they have her do is pretty unusual. They tie her up and have her make them sandwiches, use her as a footstool, and position her between them tied so that she holds their chips and drinks while they play video games. Al

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