Amateur Hour Revenge

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India Summer
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London River and O. T. Are expecting a new face on Infernal Restraints today. From what London says she is a real professional, and London cautions O. T. Not to be too rude to her and insult her or scare her away. Hes not so sure about the whole thing, but hes willing to exert some self restraint if it will get the website some good content. When the model arrives, she introduces herself as India Summer, and that is about as pleasant as she gets over the course of her visit. Immediately she starts requesting that people go on coffee runs for her, asking for ridiculous drinks no one could remember the whole name of. And worst of all, when shes on the phone with one of her friend she starts making rude remarks, referring to her experiences in the studio as amateur hour. Well O. T. Is about to show her who is the real amateur. He locks her up in metal bondage, standing on a pole in high heels, praying to God she doesnt slip and fall off and hurt herself. O. T. Takes her apart. He bends her over, he beats her, he bruises her, he torments her until she cant take it anymore. Maybe next time shell think twice before badmouthing a man with a dungeon.

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