Earning Stripes Part 3

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In the third and final installment of Dresdens live feed, she is in for the most brutal and disgusting humiliation of her life. We here at Real Time Bondage have had a great time with her for this feed and wont soon forget it, so we need to make sure she wont either. And after what we put Dresden through today, it isnt likely that she will be able to, even if she might try her best. First, Dresden needs to relieve herself, so we take out the metal bucket and she crouches over it to do just that, but it isnt happening for her. Who knew girls can get pee shy too! She tries and tries, but after fifteen minutes all shes been able to get out is a weak stream while she giggles and sighs at the frustration. Then, suddenly, she regains her confidence and gets done what she needed to do, with a little help from O. T. Using a hitachi to vibrate her stomach. Dresden is already so humiliated from her failure to perform one of the most basic human functions, but we havent even gotten involved yet, so we decide to make that a little bit worse. We suspend Dresden upside down by her ankles, her legs spread and her arms tied behind her back. Then we place a fish bowl under her and lower her

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