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Sadie Franklin
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Sadie Franklin has been misbehaving and she needs to be punished for it. She claims she doesnt know what her crime was, so she is either a liar or a stupid bitch, but either way its not going to keep her from getting the beating of a lifetime by her warden. It doesnt matter if she can remember what it was that she did, by the time O. T. Is done with her, it will be incredible if she can even remember her own name. When we first meet Sadie she is bent over, her wrists shackled to a wooden pike and her ass is pointed up in the air. Thats just where O. T. Wants her for her first round of punishment. He takes out the flogger and starts whacking away at Sadies back. He wants to see what kind of reaction she gives. He wants to know just how far he can push her, just how much pain and torment he can deliver, before she breaks. Then he takes out his knife to cut away her clothing so he can have easier access to whats beneath it. After O. T. Gets a baseline, Sadies punishment starts ramping up. She lets out shrieks as she feels the sting of a whip cutting across her back. If she really doesnt know what she did she knows it must have been terrible as she tries to keep track in her he

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