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Kel Bowie
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O. T. Is going on a bug hunt and Kel Bowie is his prey. He has her chained by a metal collar to the ceiling with a bit gag in her mouth. With her all but defenseless bound like that, O. T. Takes out his knife and cuts away her clothing so she is bare and exposed. This is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel for him, not a fair fight at all. But O. T. Isnt looking for a fair fight, hes looking for a victim. Once Kels clothes are off, O. T. Gets her bent over in a nice metal box tie with her legs spread apart so her ass and pussy are open and ready for business. Looking at that nice round ass, though, O. T. Gets distracted by its resemblance to a bulls-eye and decides its time for some target practice. He takes out a bow and starts firing off some blunt arrows at his chosen target. Kel looks confused and upset, but thats bound to be the case when one is being hunted like game for entertainment. After that, O. T. Uses some belts and ties Kel up so that her back is bent into a brutal arch and her feet are up above her head. Her hands cling to the wooden rig she is strapped to as O. T. Beats her ass and her feet with various sizes of canes. Her entire back side is red and bru

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