Pushing Boundaries Part 2

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London River
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In the first part of London Rivers live video we did our best to make her understand her place as the submissive in our activities. It seemed like it worked at the time but now shes back to her old bossy self like nothing ever happened. Now we are going to have O. T. Really put her in her place. By the end of todays portion, London River is going to feel completely helpless and like shes lost all control of her surroundings. But thats only because she has. We have London set up her own scene by laying down padding on the section of the floor well be using. O. T. Comes in and hobbles her hands with tape and ties them to her shoulders so it looks like she has chicken wings. He then proceeds to tape up his own hands so they dont get too damaged from the beating he is about to deliver. He lands punch after punch on Londons torso and ass while she is helpless to do anything but squirm around the mat she set up. Its an incredible thing to watch someone who was once so scary look so powerless and small. A single tear leaks from her eye when O. T. Knocks her across the face. If that wasnt enough to break her, our next activity undoubtedly will be. London drills a narrow bench int

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