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Delirious Hunter
Mike Panic
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The fierce blonde Delirious Hunter knows the deal is going down today, but something just doesnt feel right. This lying dirtbag Mike Panic, just inst telling her the whole truth. This is her world and she demands this filthy liar learn a lesson. With a swift knee to Mikes delicate crotch, he crumbles to the grown as Delirious restrains him. Its time for this asshole to learn a lesson. She strips his pants off throws him on the grown. She grabs his cock with a hard tight grip as he screams for mercy. Delirious knows the best way to teach a man to be loyal is through his ass. She straps on a huge strap on cock and fucks Mike deep. Mike screams in pain as he is plowed by this powerful mistress. Her cock goes deeper and deeper with punishment as Mike gets rock hard. Maybe its time for Mike to cum, maybe that will show his loyalty. Mike gets rock hard with Delirious fingers up his ass. As he gets right up to the edge and begs to cum, she denies him over and over again. This is her world and its time for her pleasure. She sits on his face and demands he use that lying mouth for some good and eat her wet tight pussy and asshole. She pulls out the hitachi and cums all over Mike Pani

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