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Ashley Lane
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Ashley Lane has so many questions that she needs answered, but this naive, young, sexy piece of ass is about to learn that the best explanation is experience. O. T. Isnt the type to waste a ton of time chattering with the girls he gets his hands on. He wants to use them, not date them, and if they have any questions like, What are you about to do to me, then they will all be answered in due time. The bondage today is particularly brutal. Ashley is flexible as hell, but that doesnt make it any easier. Bent backward over the dresser her arms and legs are pulled to their extremity, so far that her back isnt even touching the top of the furniture. The hog tie is even more brutal. She forms a complete U, her body bent at almost two perfect ninety-degree angles. And when O. T. Puts her into the chair, he has her bent forward, barely able to hold herself up, and made to rock back into his cane or risk putting her face on the floor.

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