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Billy Nyx
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Beautifully adorned Billy Nix is trussed up and dropped off on the doorstep of O. T. With a nice note telling him to have his way with her. Shes bound and gagged, but it says that its from her and so who is he to doubt it! As he unpacks her he sees that her taut body is covered in beautiful tattoos. She probably thinks of them as spiritual or significant, but to him they send the message that she is no stranger to pain and he doesnt need to hold back. Its an intense caning across her ass at first, but Billy is not the type to cry and quit in the face of a bit of pain. She wants to cum, and that is the kind of reward she knows she needs to earn. In the end the blue haired beauty will have more orgasms than she can handle. Her sensitive clit is no match for the Hitachi, and as it tears more and more ecstasy from her hunt she is on the verge of breaking down.

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