Beg For My Feet

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Giselle Palmer
Femdom Pornstars

Princess Giselle is relaxing on her throne showing off her sexy toes to her caged slave. She taunts him by slipping the tip of her toes inside the cage. The slave is kneeling before her his forehead pressed firmly against the bars to try and reach her feet. The slave has a huge foot fetish and eventually she lets him have a taste of the bottoms of her heels. She lets him lick her shoes clean from inside the cage and asks him how they taste! It is a privilege to even be in her presence. Giselle knows how desperate the slave is to worship her feet so she unlocks him from the cage to lick her soles properly. She makes him beg to keep licking while he humps the air with his chastised cock. After degrading the pathetic foot freak slave Giselle forces him back into the cage where he belongs. The slave tells Princess Giselle how grateful he is for him the honor of kissing her feet. Its obviously a great day for for the foot freak so he kisses her toes goodbye from inside the cage.

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