Helpless Hand Humper

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Lily LaBeau
Femdom Pornstars

It has been proven that a chastity slave can get so desperate from lack of orgasm its brain gets addled and its focus on chores suffers adversely. Goddess Lily has noticed these symptoms in her slave and decides it is time again to milk him. It has been a very long time since she allowed him out of chastity so it wont be hard to make him cum, but she always loves to tease him on those rare milkings. Of course her property must be immobilized for the deed. He is never allowed to touch his dick again now that he has been made into a chastity slave. Besides, the bondage allows her to freely tease the hell out of his desperate but useless cock. Actually, it is not totally useless, it still can function to amuse her. She wants her slave to beg pitifully, to hear the desperation in his voice as she takes him closer to the edge. It is a fun game for Lily to bring him right to the edge only to stop just before he cums. Even the slightest touch of a finger is enough to make him buck his hips to hump her divinely soft hand. It is so pathetic and sad it makes Lily laugh. How long can she tease her horny slaves desperate dick before he cant take it anymore!

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