Blind Prostate Massage

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Kiki Vidis
Femdom Pornstars

Mistress Kiki has a helpless gimp slave to amuse herself with and nothing is more fun for her than a long drawn out milking! She has many devious ways to milk a slave and this one is subjected to anal violation from her cold steel prostate wand. The poor gimp cant see her sexiness and is helpless to stop the slow but relentless milking game she plays with his exposed cock. As she expertly teases his frantic tool she thrusts the steel wand deeper into his vulnerable rectum. Mistress Kiki is not to be denied and she laughs at her gimp as she takes him over the edge. Of course her fun does not stop there and she ruins his orgasm by cruelly over stimulating his super sensitive post-milking cock head. Her amusement is plain to see as she leaves him to uselessly struggles against his bonds. Time for her to seek out her next victim!

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