Unworthy Bootfucker

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Sablique Von Lux
Femdom Pornstars

Goddess Sablique decides to allow her slave a chance to cum, but she will make sure it is on her terms and is as demoralizing as possible for him. It will be her boots he is allowed to focus on today. His attempts to worships her boots bore her and she ridicules him for his pathetic efforts. The slave is barely able to do anything right to please his mistress and she is quick to point out his many faults. With each step further she allows him to go she has him under her strict control, keeping him off balance and desperate to please her. She has him hump her ankles as she smashes his face in her ass when she finally allows her slave to release a big load all over her boots. Ofcourse Goddess Sablique makes sure he does a perfect job of cleaning up his offending mess to finalize his debasement.

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