Sisterly Secrets Land Casey Calvert In Double Anal Trouble

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Casey Calvert
Derrick Pierce
Joseline Kelly
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Casey Calvert is trying to recover from a recent divorce in her step-sisters house, but she finds herself entangled in a web of sex, lies, and bondage between her little sister Joseline Kelly and her psychotic brother in law, Derrick Pierce. Casey is vulnerable to Derricks come-ons after learning her sister is cheating on him, but soon finds her empathy has landed her in a leather strait jacket and under interrogation by Derrick about his wifes affair. Derrick switches from friendly to psychotic in an instant, cropping Caseys fair skin dark red, zapping her exposed pussy, and beating her perky tits until he gets the truth about Joseline. But Casey wont give her sister up that easily, so she winds up on her knees being face-fucked and flogged. Shes released from Derricks cock for a chance to answer his questions, but then stuffed full of dick again when she refuses. Eventually Casey gives Joseline up, only to find she is past the point of return, Derrick has no plans to let her go. Instead her throws her over his work bench and fucks her tight pussy while she screams and struggles to get out the strait jacket. Her struggle is fruitless, and she cums unwillingly on his dick ag

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