Chastity Cage Release Milking

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Jezabel Visser
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Goddess Jezabel has kept her slave in chastity for two weeks and has decided to allow him to release, but it will not be pleasant. As Jezabel sits on top of her slave, playing with his balls and mocking how full of cum they are, her pathetic slave is ordered to kiss her ass and beg to cum. Jezabel uses her hand, milking whatever cock is sticking out of the cock cage, then switches to a vibrator, getting his cock hard within the cage. After making him suffer for a while, Jezabel mercifully removes the cage and allows him to actually cum. But she quickly ruins any pleasure from the orgasm by first making him eat his own cum, then stroking his sensitive after orgasm cock, laughing at his discomfort. After all, male slaves should never be allowed to actually enjoy an orgasm.

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