Kept Secrets Kate Kennedy And Stirling Coopers Dark Fantasie

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Kate Kennedy
Stirling Cooper
Anal Bondage Hardcore Pornstars

Kate Kennedy and Stirling Cooper have the perfect home life, except for one thing. Kates been keeping a secret, but she cant hold it in any longer. She wants to let her inner slut out, get tied up, used, slapped and flogged, and fucked in every hole. Shes just been afraid to say it. But now the secrets out, and Stirling is excited by this new side of Kate. He wastes no time bringing that fantasy to life. He binds her in rope and gags her, then takes her into his house to use as he sees fit. Kate has no idea what hes going to do, which excites her and gets her horny pussy wet, and she lets him take full advantage. First he canes her feet and slaps her perfect ass until its a hot red, then crops her and toys with her pussy. But before he fucks her, he slides his dick into her wet, spit-soaked mouth. He face fucks her as the spit flows, running down her face and all over Stirlings cock. This only excites him more, and he uses her throat for everything its worth. And Kate simply gobbles it up. Shes voracious, hungry for dick like shes never been before. She knows that if shes good, shell get that sweet cock in her slutty cunt and hungry ass all the sooner. He chains her to

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