Crushing Convictions Part I

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Charlotte Sartre
Leigh Raven
Bondage Domination Fetish Hardcore Humiliation Pornstars Submission Virtual Reality

Last week, a bank robbery shocked the little town where you work as a policeman. Theyve put you on that case and made it an urgent matter. After reviewing the banks security footage, you identify the culprits as two masked chicks with guns and some fine asses. Didnt take you long to find these two thicc thieves. In this day and age, a quick search on social media goes a long way, especially when Charlotte Sartre and her partner in crime Leigh Raven, took selfies while robbing the bank. Too easy, right! You now have these two bombshells caught and cuffed. You need a confession. But it looks like youll need to work them a little. Breaking will power is your specially. Good or bad cop, youll get them to submit to your cock. So grab your VR headset, youve got some crushing convictions overdue.

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